Bras are designed to support a woman's breasts while she's standing up. When she lies down, however, gravity pulls in a different direction. Women who sleep in bras (I used to be one of them!) get little or no support where they need it. Also, since bras are sturdily constructed with wires and uncomfortable fabrics, they're not exactly cozy to sleep in.

Unlike anything else available, SleepTop™ gently supports you from the top and the sides, holding your breasts comfortably in place. Preventing gravity from pulling on them. You can sleep or lounge peacefully in a SleepTop™ without worrying about comfort or positioning, and without being distracted by unwanted pull.

It's for women of any age, any need, anyone who wants to be supported softly and gently. And it's cute and sexy enough to wear in front of your significant other.

SleepTop™ is the first thing you'll want to put on when you get home. And the more you wash it, the more comfortable the SleepTop™ becomes. Like your favorite pair of jeans, it just gets more comfortable with time.